Cloak And Dagger Season 2 Officially Ordered By Freeform

Cloak and dagger season 2

Well, it looks like Cloak and Dagger season 2 is definitely happening!!!

There are only two episodes left for this season but Freeform has renewed Cloak and Dagger for a season 2. The news comes after the show held a panel at SDCC yesterday.

The announcement also came with a teaser trailer. While no official footage was in the teaser, it did feature a line saying Season 2 will be mayhem,” and there were claw marks that revealed a hazy green view of the city.

On its own, that line may just seem like a description to catch people’s interest, but if you’re familiar with the lore of comics, then you know Detective O’Reilly dies in the comics and is reborn as the vengeance-seeking vigilante Mayhem. And one of her abilities is the ability to exude a green gas.

Clearly, this isn’t confirmation that Emma Lahana’s character will undergo a radical transformation, but the promo for episode 9 did see O’Reilly in danger and a recent death on the show gives her a good reason to seek revenge. Plus, the showrunner did tease more fantastical elements for Season 2

Check out the teaser below and share your excitement for Cloak and Dagger season 2.

Also Some Comic-Con Footage For episode 9