Matthew Vaughn Wants To Direct FANTASTIC FOUR For Marvel Studios

Fantastic Four

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Fantastic four is coming to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and now X-Men: First Class director Matthew Vaughn has revealed that he would be interested in working on the reboot. Continue reading…

Matthew Vaughn successfully rebooted the X-Men franchise for Fox with X-Men: First Class but could Fantastic Four be next for the Kingsman director? During an appearance at this year’s New York Comic-Con, the filmmaker made it clear that he’s definitely interested.

“Yeah I’ve always loved the idea of doing Fantastic Four as it was originally written, I mean it’s one of my favorite comics and I actually think that Fantastic Four, as a nice piece of IP, is in theory as big as Spider-Man.”

“I think those, the values of Fantastic Four and Spider-Man, I think those are the reason, if you’re a kid, you can imagine being a part of the Fantastic Four family and you can imagine being Peter Parker,” Vaughn continued. “So yeah, I think Fan-Four would be the one that would excite me the most.”

Vaughn has also previously expressed interest in Superman but we know from Stardust that he could make a family friendly action-adventure which would fit within the Marvel Cinematuc Universe.

It would be a smart move on Kevin Feige’s part to enlist a filmmaker like Vaughn and he’s clearly passionate about the characters and wants to take them back to their roots, something which is a must for the eventual reboot. What do you think?