JOKER Has Now Officially Passed The $1 Billion Mark At The Worldwide Box Office

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Although today’s final figures have yet to be tallied, Joker stood at $998 million late last night, which means it has now officially crossed the $1 billion point at the global box office! Check it out…

Joker has now laughed its way past $1 billion at the global box office, making it the first ever R-rated film to achieve this milestone – and it did so without a release in China.

Today’s final tally hasn’t been announced yet, but the Todd Philips-directed DC Comics movie – which was produced on a reported budget of around $62 million – had reached $998 million by close of business last night, which means it has now joined the illustrious billion dollar club.

This is obviously a very impressive feat for a number of reasons, and while a sequel has yet to be announced, you have to believe Warner Bros. is at least strongly considering the idea after the first film’s tremendous performance. We already know Philips and star Joaquin Phoenix would be interested in returning… under the right circumstances!

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