Batwoman: New Official “Take Your Choice” Photos Released

batwoman take your choice

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The CW network just has given us new images to digest for Batwoman “Take Your Choice,” the February episode 16 of Batwoman. The episode teases some major complication for pretty much everyone in Kate Kane’s life as it is poised to deal with one of the most stunning surprises to come out of “Crisis on Infinite Earths”. An alternate Earth’s Beth Kane also ended up on Earth-Prime where the “original” Alice also exists. And as was teased in Batwoman‘s midseason premiere, that situation is causing some major implications for both Beth and Alice, and teases only one may remain.

While it’s uncertain exactly how things might go, the fact that it’s being experienced in Batwoman‘s grounded world is all the more exciting.

Batwoman Beth and Luke
Batwoman Take your choice
Batwoman Beth
Batwoman: Beth and Luke

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