THE FLASH Director Andy Muschietti Teases A “Very Funny” Yet Sometimes “Terrifying” Film

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It seems that with each new morsel of information concerning Andy Muschietti’s The Flash, fan anticipation increases tenfold and the directors appearance at the second part of DC FanDome is sure to dial the hype meter up to 10.  During a fan Q&A session, Muschietti said that if you saw It then you already have a good idea about the tone of his Barry Allen solo film.

My Flash is not gonna be light or dark in tone. It’s gonna have everything. If you saw my previous movies like It and It 2, you’ll know that I like to put everything in it. So what you’ll see in Flash is very deep emotional story, but it’s also gonna be very funny hopefully and a great, epic adventure at the same time. And also terrifying sometimes. So that’s my answer. Get ready.

Ezra Miller also appeared during the fan Q&A portion of DC FanDome devoted to The Flash movie and revealed that despite the tantalizing new concept art revealed during the previous DC FanDome event, he’s yet to see his new costume, let alone try it on. If things are this early in development, there’s even a small chance that the costume could undergo small tweaks.

I have yet to see it. But I’ve heard some things about it and they’re extremely exciting.  There’ll be some twists- in some ways, I believe it will be a more traditional, comic-based costume but in other ways, it might be somewhat unconventional.  I’ve heard it might be lighter than my last suit as an example of some of the changes.  I’m not sure how much I can say.

After a merry-go-round of directors boarding and departing the project, Muschietti officially signed on to helm the film on July 2019 with Birds of Prey screenwriter Christina Hodson penning the script. DC fans around the world were surprised when Michael Keaton signed on to reprise his role as Tim Burton’s Batman in June 2020, only for August 2020 to unleash an even bigger surprise with Ben Affleck signing on to the project as the DCEU’s Batman. Filming is expected to begin in 2021 for a June 3, 2022 release date.

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