THE BOYS: Black Noir Tracks Down Butcher & Homelander Finally Snaps In Promo For Season 2, Episode 5

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An all-new episode of The Boys will bludgeon its way onto Amazon Prime this Friday, and if the promo below is any indication, this fifth Season 2 instalment looks set to be an eventful one.

The teaser sees Butcher contact Hughie and the others once he realises that The Seven’s enigmatic – not to mention utterly psychotic – Black Noir has tracked him to his mother’s(?) house. It also looks like Homelander is finally going to snap and execute a whole crowd of innocent people. Will Vought manage to spin what’s referred to as a “war crime” in their favor? You can bet your ass they’ll try.

Plus, we’ll see the return of Terror the bulldog (don’t kill him you sick fucks).

Check out the promo for “We Gotta Go Now” along with an alternate version shared by Karen Fukuhara (Kimiko) below.

Bloody diabolical! Have you been enjoying Season 2 of The Boys so far? Drop us a comment in the usual place.

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